Multinational Programmes

We comprehensively manage your insurance programme in every country where you conduct operations, providing you with international protection as well as local attention.

All companies that, due to expansion or operational strategy, need to expand their operations to more than one country, must structure their risks according to local regulations and standards, making the integration and management of these risks more complex.

Assets and operations abroad are often subject to local requirements, both legal and commercial, which in turn need to be aligned with the policies and decisions of their parent company, often resulting in a complex portfolio of products for the company.

At ANCORA, we specialize in managing Multinational Programmes, which are directly handled by our international programme department. Through this department, we centralize legal and commercial requirements, ensuring the proper risk management and insurance of our clients’ assets.

Advantages of a Multinational Programme:

  • Centralization of risks and coverages.
  • Access to certified international business experts and risk engineers.
  • Claims payment within local countries—where needed.
  • Avoiding fines.
  • Cost optimisation and improved coverages.
  • Alignment with cross-border legal and tax regulations.
  • Transparency regarding risks outside the home country.
  • Transparency on how and where payments are allowed.
  • Avoiding fines for violation of legal regulations.

International Network

ANCORA is a member of the international broker network UNIBA Partners, thus offering personalised service and support along with our correspondents in over 130 countries.

We have cutting-edge systems for the administration and management of multinational programmes through our network of correspondents.

We work closely with our clients’ headquarters and risk management teams, involving local and international markets in the process of understanding the business, and, also, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the underwriting, issuance, and claims processes.

We offer the possibility of holding Roadshows with the international market, providing our clients with access to the underwriters responsible for each line of business.

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